HAZMAT Transportation

Hauling Hazardous materials is a challenging job considering it holds a high risk of health, safety, and property when transported in commerce. Transporting hazardous materials require special training and knowledge on how to properly prepare and transport hazardous materials while remaining compliant with state and federal material regulations. Loadify connects you to the network of well trained and knowledgeable carriers that reduce risk and liability by shipping your HAZMAT across countries.

Experienced CARRIERS

Our carriers have the skills and knowledge to transport your hazardous materials safely.


We ensure that all equipment meets all federal safety requirements.

Alleviate Delays

Plan ahead and keep track of your critical shipments with our industry best TMS.

Handled By Experts At your Service

Our experienced dangerous goods specialists and customer service agents are here to help with every aspect of the shipping process: from cargo acceptance through to transportation of hazardous materials. Our experienced carrier network transport the following HAZMAT:

• Acids
• Adhesives
• Air Conditioners
• Lithium Batteries
• Appliances

• Paint
• Medical Supplies
• Chemicals
• Pesticides
• Other Sensitive Materials

Extraordinary Storage Service

Your shipments are stored at the most safest areas where they are monitored 24/7 by our advanced surveillance systems. Our experienced team performs all the safety checks and follows all the regulations prior to transporting the shipment to your requested destination.

Screening and physical inspection prior to transporting

We work with you to find the best shipping solution in the shortest time.

Advanced surveillance system that monitor 24/7

Before You Ship

The process of shipping dangerous goods is similar to HAZMAT shipping in a way that it requires appropriate product classifications and packaging to ensure safety during transportation. Proper documentation must be gathered before shipping. The process for shipping dangerous goods involves:

Material classification with a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Inner and outer package limitations and requirements
Proper Labelling of packaging and visible tranportation signs
Issuance of Dangerous Goods Documentation
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24/7 Dedicated Service

When it comes to logistics, we stand out. Every aspect of our service is centered around customer satisfaction. Putting the customer first is our aim.

Tech Enabled

Tech Enabled

We offer easily accessible real-time tracking on all shipments so you have complete assurance in the safety and timeliness of the delivery.