Scalable Flatbed Shipping Solutions

Flatbed shipping is considered as a primary option when cargo cannot be loaded or enclosed in a dry van trailer, loaded or unloaded from a standard dock and other finer details. Flatbed offers the open deck flexibility to load and unload using different machinery from any angle for complex dimensional material. Loadify offers extensive knowledge and carrier network in flatbed shipping, cross-border and inter-state.


Currently serving construction, energy, manufacturing, and lumber industries.


Secure your shipments using, not limited to, tarps and chains to prevent any damages

Time sensitive service

From job sites to complicated project deliveries, we ensure timely service for the receiving crew.

Comprehensive Solutions Tailored for Your Needs

Loadify handles your oversized, overweight and the heavy equipment needs with full protection using our most experienced carriers across North America. We find the most advanced equipments that are capable of moving the largest and customizable freight to fit your needs. In addition to shipping products across Canada and the United States, we also provide complete in-field services including planning, pickup, and 24/7 live tracking.

Flatbed Carriers Shipping North America

We have strong working relationships with thousands of pre-screened flatbed carriers that have the expertise and ideal equipment to handle your flatbed freight throughout North America.  We excel in the following flatbed equipments:

• Flatbed
• Conestoga
• Step-Deck
• Double-Drop
• Low boy, RGN
• Super B or B-Train

Fast Freight Service Near Me

Over 5,000 Carriers And Growing

Empowering shippers and carriers to move freight as efficiently

Flexible Bookings And Competitive Rates

Empowering shippers  to move freight more efficiently with your most-used lanes

Flexible pricing

24/7 Dedicated Service

When it comes to logistics, we stand out. Every aspect of our service is centered around customer satisfaction. Putting the customer first is our aim.

Tech Enabled

Tech Enabled

We offer easily accessible real-time tracking on all shipments so you have complete assurance in the safety and timeliness of the delivery.